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Teachers and Administration


Volunteer Activities

  • Parent Teacher Association activities, meetings, committees and leadership roles.

  • Room Parents

  • Academic Volunteers

  • Non-teaching classroom tasks such as copying, helping with field trips, and organizing materials.

  • Parent Coaches assisting Playworks staff during recess and in the mornings

  • Tour Guides

  • Event planners and helpers

  • Office helpers


The Room Parent System

Room Parents facilitate communication between a teacher and the parents in a classroom.  This includes developing a class roster and/or online communication system and working with the teacher to help organize parents to help in the classroom.

The PTA Room Parent Coordinator serves as the point person for questions and technical support for both teachers and parents. S/he can provide assistance in developing room directories and helping teachers identify room parents, if desired.  S/he is also available to help the room parents once they have been selected.


Academic Volunteers

Academic Volunteers make a commitment to a classroom and teacher to provide academic assistance to students over the course of at least a semester, preferably a year. They may include:

  • Adults provided by San Francisco School Volunteers

  • Parents at Starr King who are cleared to volunteer in a classroom that is not their child’s classroom.

Typically, volunteers commit to one or two sessions per week for 1–2 hours.  The time commitment and schedule is up to the volunteer and teacher.  The teacher also determines which students a volunteer works with and how they work in the classroom.  Volunteers must also maintain confidentiality in working with students.

If a parent volunteer is not a parent of a child in the classroom in which s/he works, s/he must be cleared by San Francisco School Volunteers and assigned to the school. SFSV provides the required security clearance, TB testing, and a 2-hour orientation about SFUSD policies and tips for working in a classroom.


Procedures for Parents and Adults to Serve as Academic Volunteers

We use the forms and procedures described on the SFSV web site:  Potential volunteers should download the “Volunteer Application” and follow all the procedures on this page of the site:  You can send the form automatically from the site or download it and email or fax it to:

Jessica Pullano, School Relations Coordinator
tel: 415.749.3700
fax: 415.749.3780
NOTE: Make sure you indicate that you only want to be placed at Starr King.

SFVS is set up to take volunteers through this process of getting cleared. This includes:

  • a security clearance

  • a negative TB test

  • two references

  • a short orientation about SFUSD and how to work in a classroom.

The security clearance and TB test are valid for two years.  You will need to cover the cost of providing the TB test results and may or may not have to pay a fee for the security clearance through SFSV.  (Total costs could be $60 – $80).

While you are being cleared you will also attend one short orientation meeting with Principal John where you will get your classroom placement pending your security clearance.  Security clearance can take up to three weeks.

Teachers, as the managers of their classrooms, can assert guidelines on any volunteers so that help stays helpful.